Le Las, France

Le Las

Le Las has quite an extensive range of expertise and adaptability across various environments and industries. Starting with equipment for firedamp mines in the Navy demonstrates a strong foundation in safety and reliability, which would be crucial in any subsequent endeavors. Extending that experience to diverse sectors such as sea, rail transport, ports, airports, chemical plants, and oil fields suggests a broad skill set and a willingness to tackle complex challenges.

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Certified ISO 9001 quality procedures, totally computerized design and manufacture services adapt the most recent technical inputs (like already GSM or voice over IP) in a full range. The development of electronic and mechanical modules allows us to offer a wide range of easily customizable products for the most reduced costs…

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PAGA System of Le Las

It is Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) system

– Solution for simple application : DIGICOM Lite
– Solution for full application : DIGICOM3000
– Solution with full IP technology : DIGICOM300 PLUS

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