Expert advice on 

  • Power Generation and Gas Turbine Consultancy services, 
  • Telecommunication, security and remote display, Consultancy services including PA GA systems,
  • Pipeline Corrosion Protection technology using Industrial Tapes and miscellaneous Inspection services, 
    • Supplies of:
      • Industrial/Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment's which includes MCC, ATEX ''Lighting, Control Panel, Junction Box, Cable Glands, Motors etc'',
      • GRP Cable Trays, Lighting Poles and all other different GRP stuff,
      • All types of Pumps including API Pumps,
      • Valves, Seals, skids and all miscellaneous Mechanical equipment's,
      • Different types of Nickel Alloys, Stainless and Duplex Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum Rolls, Corrosion Resistant, Heat Resistant grades and other exotic grades in plates, sheets, pipes, flanges, bars, custom fabrication and wires,
  • We also provide the service of Stainless Steel plates and cut-piece solutions from 2 mm thickness up to 150 mm using plasma, water jet and laser machines located/available with our partner 'EST' in Germany lab,

Delivering with happiness

TECH'Firm Egypt is a well established LLC Company; it was incorporated in Cairo the year of 2017 under the Egyptian Law 159. It is a part of TECH'Firm International, a Swiss group delivering a range of services and solutions for industrial actors Worldwide.

TECH'Firm Egypt is a service company aims at having added value services through a wide range of innovative solutions and technologies for Oil & Gas industry and Power Generation Plants.

This has been achieved through TECH'Firm Egypt partnership with international firms in these fields in which we can supply high-quality and unique services. Moreover, TECH'Firm Egypt has the know-how to maximize production, minimize costs, enhance sustainability and save energy in Power Generation and Oil & Gas projects. TECH'Firm Egypt is serving and extending its specialties to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Cement, Marine and Steel industries. In addition; we are serving the Power Generation and Distribution sectors, Metal mining and non-metal mining Industries, Water and surface treatment industries, Food and Chemical industries and Transportation.

TECH'Firm Egypt provides other services such as Electrical Consultation, Sub-contracting, Parts and Spares supply

Board of Directors 

Mr. Yossry HASSAN,
Chairman and Managing Director for TECH'firm Egypt since 2018
Mr. Yossry has more than 37 years’ experience in the management of operation, maintenance, projects, planning and engineering in oil, gas and LNG industry and power generation through the Middle East and Africa. He has worked for many international companies such Total and BP. This includes direction, managing, planning, scheduling, budgeting; prepare contracts, equipment performance & reliability assessment and technical consultation. The experience includes project management for power generation plants.
Mr. Sebastien BARAUT,
Founder and Partner
Yossry Hassan
Sebastien Baraut

Our clients



TechFirm Egypt is proud to attend to the construction of the world’s largest solar park of Benban in providing a  project management support to a leading French actor of photovoltaic industry.


TECH’Firm Egypt has a wide range of interests, specializing in Energy, Oil & Gas, offshore / onshore facilities, including appropriate Electrical consultancy.

TECH'Firm Egypt is established to meet the market needs of high standards of services and products that improve equipment efficiency and reliability and reduce operating costs. TECH'Firm is serving and extending its specialties to oil & gas industry, Petrochemical plants, Cement industry, power generation sector and distribution sectors, water desalination plants, marine field, industrial companies.

After Sale support

Available support and services including:

  • Installation and start-up as required
  • Engineering and technical sales assistance
  • Upgrade and retrofit parts and programs
  • Spare and replacement parts

Our teams are able to provide support through:

  • Consultancies in Electrical safety and to create or review client Electrical Safety Rules
  • Client Electrical Personnel Assessment for Switching
  • Optimization of equipment performance, sophisticated troubleshooting of Electrical equipment's

Company representation

TECH'Firm Egypt is aimed to have an added value services to our clients through a wide range of innovative solutions and technologies. Through introducing a reputable, well known, international companies such as Turbine Technology Services, LE LAS, Apave and more, we ensure to maximize production, minimize costs, enhance sustainability and saves energy in power generation, water desalination, Oil & Gas and petrochemical and industrial projects.

Oil & gas and electrical authorities support services

We assure your project suits perfectly your requirements and user needs with functional, non-functional testings and test automations.



Since 1983, TTS Energy Services has provided innovation, high-quality solutions, and engineering expertise to more than 400 clients worldwide. Our offering to the mature gas turbine market includes:

  • Controls and control panels.

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for Gas Turbine and Gas Compression performance.

  • Remote support services, troubleshooting online and remote monitoring systems.

  • Maintenance of Gas Turbines.

  • Gas Turbine parts supply.

  • Conversions, Modifications, and Upgrades.

  • Engineering and onsite services.

  • Systems modernization.

  • Generator excitation, protection, and control panels relocation engineering and commissioning.

  • Asset Performance Technologies.

  • DynaFlex performance services

Oil and Gas Equipment Plant Company

Oil and Gas Equipment Plant was founded on 1980, Head quarter in Ukraine, ISO Certified. Oil and Gas Equipment Plant LLC has an expert manufacturing of the following:

  • Drilling equipment and fishing tools,
  • End Seals and End Seal Support Systems,
  • Pressure Fall Automatic Maintenance System,
  • On the Basis of a Differential Hydro-sucker SAPPD,
  • MK Type Plate Couplings,
  • Safety valve KО 302 M,
  • Safety valve 17s52p,
  • Adjustable choke SHR,
  • Oil Fuel Pumps (NK, NKV, NPS Type),
  • Sectional Pumps (CNS, CNSh, CNSn Type),
  • Metering Plunger Pumps (ND Type),
  • Type Metering Diaphragm Pumps (NDR-2M),
  • Three-plunger Crank Pumps (Т, PТ Types),
  • We are based on the needs of the client and, in most cases; the technical solution is the result of a joint activity of the customer and the technical specialists of our company.


LE LAS group was created in 1909 with vocation to ensure the security of communications and signals in the most difficult environments such as, oil and gas, petrochemical plants, the Navy, raill transport, ports and airports, energy sectors, laboratories and hospitals, civil and military administrations, etc

LE LAS scope of supplies comprises:

  • Explosion proof and Weather proof Phones
  • Explosion proof/Weather proof Intercoms
  • Public Address and General Alarm (PA/GA) Cabinets
  • Universal Analog Networks/Analog Intercom Systems
  • Clocks (Explosion proof/Weather proof/Agena/Galaxy)
  • Signalling devices (Explosion proof/Weather proof Flashing Beacon/Sounders/Loudspeaker/Howler/PA GA Cabinets)
  • Explosion proof terminal Junction Box
  • Acoustic Booth
  • Taxi Terminal and Modular Pillar

Safety Electrical Group

Founded in 1982, for over 3 decades, the Safety Electrical Group (SEG) has served and partnered with some of the most prestigious clients across the Middle East.

As SEG has grown into a full service electrical company with thousands of satisfied clients across the Middle East region, this motto remains essential to how we do business. Today, as a prominent industry leader in the Electrical and Lighting Sector in the region, the company specializes in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly of Switchgear Panels, as well as Trading of Electrical and Lighting Products for commercial, industrial, hazardous and adverse environment applications. Exemplifying excellence and integrity in every sector, the Safety Electrical Group distinguishes itself through robust partnerships, exemplary service standards and a forward-thinking approach.

SEG partners with the most renowned International electrical component brands like ABB, Hager, Dorman Smith, L&T, Legrand, Socomec Pollmann and Electronicon to offer single point business solutions and quality that suits every budget. The division goes beyond fulfilment of projects to provide customers and suppliers a unique combination of operational excellence and pioneering solutions.


SumiP was founded on 1972, Head quarter in India, ISO Certified. SumiP has an expert manufacturing of the following:

  • GRP Cable Trays,
  • GRP Lighting Poles,
  • GRP Enclosures,
  • GRP Safety Ladders,
  • GRP Cable supports,
  • GRP Gratings,
  • Moulded Fiberglass Gratings,
  • Moulded Fiberglass SMC Sheets,
  • GRP Handrails,
  • GRP Walkways,
  • GRP Trench Covers,
  • Trefoil Clamps,

DKDK Industrial Corporation

DKDK Industrial Corporation sp. z o.o. (DKDK) is an industrial group that brings together two manufacturing companies with over 30 years of experience in the pipeline corrosion protection materials field.

DKDK specialize in the design, manufacture, and sale of corrosion protection materials for pipelines.

The head office is located in Warsaw, Poland. The manufactures are located in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

There are over 18 products for pipeline corrosion protection in company catalogue:

  • PE Butyl Tapes 2-ply & 3-ply,
  • PVC Bitumen Tapes 2-ply,
  • Bitumen Mastics,
  • Shrinkable Sleeves,
  • Primer,
  • Protection and repair coating materials,
  • Winding devices,

The production capacity is over 1200 tons per year.

The company is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified.

Protas Company

Protas Company, established in 1989 in Turkey, is ATEX/Explosion proof Electrical Equipments supplier. It design, manufacturing, sales and after sales supports the following products:

  • Ex lighting fixtures, different types for different application,
  • Ex junction box, different models,
  • Ex control station, different models,
  • Ex Electrical switches, different models,
  • Ex warning beacons,
  • Ex siren and horns,
  • Ex sockets and plugs,
  • Ex cable glands,

All technical data, references, data sheets, catalogues, QA QC documents are available for download on the following hyperlink:

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